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All PS Vita Game Releases in November 2016


All PS Vita Game Releases in November 2016

Lots of options in the Japanese visual novel variety.

Root Letter


Root Letter is a visual novel developed by Kadokawa Games, and it’ll be gracing the PS Vita with its presence this November. The story is set in Matsue, Japan, and it kicks off when the protagonist arrives in town to search for Fumino Aya, his pen pal. However, he soon finds a letter from her and starts to question whether everything she had ever told him in all their past letters was a lie.

The game is split into two sections. The first is an investigative mode of sorts, where players will go around town and interrogate Aya’s friends to find out where she went. The other gameplay mode involves the player reliving and engaging in past interactions they had with Aya.

Root Letter is set to be released for the PS Vita on November 1 in North America.

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