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All New Overwatch Game Modes Coming to the Arcade


All New Overwatch Game Modes Coming to the Arcade

More ways to earn those Loot Boxes.

Game Modes at the Arcade – Overwatch

At BlizzCon 2016, it was announced that Overwatch would be getting a brand new Arcade mode, which will be available on the main play menu. The Arcade itself is a new way for players to earn rewards outside of the regular quick play games and competitive matches. Whenever the Arcade gets a new mode, players will get one free Loot Box simply for jumping in and trying it out. In addition to that, there are also weekly Loot Boxes that you can earn just by playing and winning three matches.

For now, here are all the confirmed game modes for Overwatch Arcade:

Mystery Heroes: Essentially a regular 6v6 match, but everyone gets assigned a random hero. This was a brawl introduced to the game right after launch, and players were forced to adapt to the play style of whichever character they got.

Mystery Duel: A 1v1 game mode where both players are assigned the same random hero each round. Best of nine wins.

Elimination: A 3v3 game mode where players can only change their heroes in between rounds. Best of five wins.

No Limits: This is a regular 6v6 match where players can choose multiples of the same hero on one team. This mode was added because it looks like quick play games will soon be implementing the “one hero per team” rule as well.

All Brawls: This is a playlist of all previously released Brawls, including the new modes introduced in Arcade.

Are you excited for the new game modes coming to Overwatch? Let us know in the comments down below.

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