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All 3DS Game Releases in November 2016


All 3DS Game Releases in November 2016

Handheld lovers will not be left wanting.

Mario Party: Star Rush


Unlike past Mario Party games, Star Rush on the 3DS will get rid of turn-based movement, and allow players to move about freely on the game board. This means that all players will have free movement at the same time, and without set paths. The game is set on a game board, where players will get to engage in various mini games. This time round, Toad Scramble serves as the game’s main mode, and players will take control of Toad.

Star Rush will also feature boss battles, and you can recruit other popular characters from the Mario series to join your party. The game supports up to four players in a multiplayer session.

Mario Party: Star Rush is set to be released for the Nintendo 3DS on November 4 in North America.

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