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5 Reasons to Be Excited For, But Also Skeptical of, Final Fantasy XV


5 Reasons to Be Excited For, But Also Skeptical of, Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has potential.

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It Features an Expansive Open World


Final Fantasy XV is more open world than any game in the series has ever been. Final Fantasy games have often had huge expansive worlds to explore, but XV’s really does take it up a notch. Even the opening area in the Judgement Disc demo feels enormous and totally explorable, either by foot or in the Regalia. There’s no doubt the scope of Final Fantasy XV is truly impressive, and that could turn out to be one of the best aspects of the game.

There’s little doubt that there will be a wealth of things to do in the game including sidequests, optional dungeons, monster hunts and more. Final Fantasy XV could be something that feels entirely new, and really works for the series. However, open world games can often fall into the trap of just being too big. After all, what purpose does a massive world serve if there’s nothing to do in it.

With the immense scope of Final Fantasy XV, there’s reason to be skeptical of just how much there is to do. Alternatively, it could be filled with uninteresting things to do. Hopefully, the world of Eos feels natural and alive, and isn’t a chore to trek through.

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