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5 PS4 Pro Decisions That Came Back to Bite Sony


5 PS4 Pro Decisions That Came Back to Bite Sony

Five areas of missed potential.

UHD Blu-ray


One of the big absences when it came to the PS4 Pro’s specs was its lack of an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Capable of utilizing the 4K resolution, the UHD blu-ray medium is relatively new but offers an unparalleled picture quality. Considering the PS4 Pro is a system primarily used to take advantage of the newly emerging 4K TV market, the inability to watch the medium that offers the best quality seems like a missed opportunity.

Though Andrew House did explain that their research had shown players used streaming services on their PS4 over physical media, it still would have been a nice inclusion to make the system feel that little bit more like a comprehensive 4K machine. Especially when the cheaper Xbox One S has the drive.

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