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5 Games You Probably Forget are Releasing This Year


5 Games You Probably Forget are Releasing This Year

Don’t forget this!

We Sing (2016)

we sing

The We Sing franchise began in 2009, when the Nintendo Wii was at the height of its popularity. It was the first singing game that allowed for four player co-op, with four microphones, making it a hit game for parties and family occasions. 10 editions of the original series were released on the Wii including spin-offs such as We Sing 80s and We Sing Robbie Williams, the latter allowing players to sing Angels in front of a crowd as they have always dreamt. Later this month, We Sing will be returning, this time on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This year’s reboot will allows for 10 singers and has been completely rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4. Even with the engine change. it’ll be mostly the same as the original games as players sign along to well known songs, attempting to match rhythm and pitch to get high scores. The 2016 version of We Sing will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 22, just in time for Christmas sing-alongs.

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