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4 Things Overwatch’s Sombra Infiltration Video Taught Us


4 Things Overwatch’s Sombra Infiltration Video Taught Us


She’s Got Some Deep Connections


Fresh from BlizzCon, Overwatch has finally unveiled its newest hero. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s none other than the overdue Sombra. Her general appearance had been leaked quite recently, with hints pointing towards her dating as far back as the Overwatch beta.

In the “Infiltration” short, we got to see a few heroes we’ve already come to love these past six months. Both Reaper and Widowmaker appear alongside the newest addition to the Talon organization, as they’re facing off against one of Russia’s most powerful personas: Katya Volskaya.

Volskaya has successfully created a brand new Svyatogor mech, which proved troublesome for our heroes. The team is dispatched to eliminate her and terminate her work before it gets into the wrong hands. But that clearly doesn’t go their way, much like most plans involving Reaper and Widowmaker.

Also making a surprise appearance at the end is Zarya, another Russian woman who is increasingly growing in popularity among Overwatch players. As someone with a lot of Russian pride and summoned by Volskaya herself, the meeting between Zarya and Sombra is certainly going to be deadly.

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