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World of Final Fantasy: How to Summon FF Characters in Battle


World of Final Fantasy: How to Summon FF Characters in Battle

Tidus gets Blitz Ace!

Summon FF Characters – World of Final Fantasy

In World of Final Fantasy, you get to interact with iconic series characters in their cute little chibi forms. Of course, you’ll get the ability to summon them in battle as well.

Before you can summon them, however, first you have to complete the necessary Heart Quests for each character, which is available at The Girl’s Team Room. You’ll unlock this naturally as you progress through the game. The Heart Quests are pretty simple, and require you to complete a short development arc for each character, and defeat an enemy with them at the end. After that, you’ll obtain the character’s Champion Medal. To summon your favorite series characters, simply equip the Champion Medal through your main menu, and then you’ll be able to call upon them once you’ve filled up your battle gauge in the fight. As you collect more Champion Medals, you’ll be able to swap them out as you please.

All of the Final Fantasy characters are decked out with their own special signature moves, and you’ll get to watch a short animation each time you trigger their Champion attack.

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