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World of Final Fantasy: How to Get the Black Chocochick Mirage


World of Final Fantasy: How to Get the Black Chocochick Mirage

Black Chocochick Mirage – World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy features a huge list of monsters called Mirages that you can capture, and battle alongside in combat. A rare Mirage in the game is the Black Chocochick, a variant on the regular Chocochik that has a different color and a little variation in its stats. Capturing this creature first of course requires you to find it, and then fulfill certain conditions.

First off, the Black Chocochick can be found at the very end of the Watchplains, residing in a small village. Just run into the monster to initiate battle. Capturing the Chocochick means that you will need an open Chocochick Prismarium. However, when you encounter an enemy in battle the first time you’ll immediately obtain a Prism for that enemy.

The Black Chocochick’s requirement for creating a prismunity and capturing it reads, “Restore the Mirage’s HP to create a prismunity.” Before heading into battle, you’ll want to make sure you’ve stocked up on potions to use on the little guy.

Have one of your characters hit the Chocochick with basic attacks, but make sure they aren’t strong enough to kill it in one shot. While one character is attacking, have the other use a potion on the chick every turn to restore its HP. Eventually, you’ll get the option to use Imprism on it, and if successful, you’ll have the Black Chocochick under your control. You may have to try a few times to successfully capture, and just be aware that the monster will be attacking you the entire time.

Now you can stack and use this rare variant of the Chocochick in battle. There’s plenty of other Mirages to capture, so get out there and find as many as you can.

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