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World of Final Fantasy: How to Change and Equip Mirages


World of Final Fantasy: How to Change and Equip Mirages

Learn how to optimize your Stacks.

World of Final Fantasy – Mirages

Mirages are really important in World of Final Fantasy as they can provide you with better stats in battle, as well as abilities you can use against enemy monsters. After you’ve captured a new Mirage, you’ll then be able to head into your menu and equip them to one of your two protagonists.

First off, each protagonist can equip up to two Mirages to form a Stack. Do note, however, that you can only equip one small Mirage, and one large one. You can’t have two of the same. To change your Mirage, simply head into your menu and go to the Stack option where you can see which critters your characters have equipped. There will be a slot for a small Mirage and a slot for a large one. Select the one that you want to replace, and you should see the other captured Mirages you have available in your inventory. Just swap them out, and you’ll be able to make use of them in battle.

Getting to know the monsters you capture is important as you’ll want to cover up your own weaknesses when facing tough bosses, and also exploiting elements that your foes may be weak to. Plus, it’s always cool to have a large assortment of cute chibi monsters available at your disposal in World of Final Fantasy.

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