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World of Final Fantasy: How to Evolve or Transfig a Mirage


World of Final Fantasy: How to Evolve or Transfig a Mirage

Evolution go!

Transfig Mirages – World of Final Fantasy

In World of Final Fantasy, players will have the ability to evolve or ‘Transfig’ a Mirage, as the game calls it. This requires you to capture a Mirage and reach a certain level of skill for it, and then you’ll be able to unlock a node on the Mirage Board to evolve said Mirage.

Firstly, keep leveling the Mirage up until you’ve reached the ‘Transfig’ node on the Mirage Board. The node should list the conditions that you need to meet in order to evolve it. Some Mirages just require you to hit a certain level for it, but other times, you might need a specific Prismarium to contain it. Once you’ve fulfilled the requirements, simply access your Prism Case from a save point or talk to Serafie to access it. From there, select the Mirage that you want to evolve, and then choose the evolution that you want for it. After that, your Mirage will reach the next stage of evolution and you can take it out for battle as per normal.

That said, it’s best to make absolutely sure that a certain Mirage evolution is the one you want before you actually commit to it, considering that some of them will require Prismariums.

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