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What’s New in Titanfall 2? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Titanfall 2? Everything You Need to Know

The titans are back for more.

Single Player

Titanfall 2

One of the most notable absences back when Titanfall released on the Xbox One in 2014 was its complete lack of a single player. The game was all about the online multiplayer aspect and while it was fun, players were clamoring to take control of their Titan in some form of story experience. Titanfall 2 remedies that and brings with it a campaign that makes good use of your Titan.

Players will have to use a Pilot’s abilities like wall-running and ziplining, but you’ll also need to use your Titan to bring the pain against your enemies when needed. The campaign will tell the tale of Jack Cooper, who somehow manages to get his hands on a Vanguard-class titan when he finds himself stranded with the mech on the planet Typhoon. Titanfall 2’s single-player experience looks to be just as much about exploration and platforming as it is about shooting every enemy you see in the face. And from reviews so far, it’s a welcome addition to the game’s multiplayer.

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