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What’s New in Mafia III? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Mafia III? Everything You Need to Know

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New Setting and World

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First and foremost, the biggest change in Mafia III is its brand new setting. Taking things from the New York style Empire Bay, the newest game moves to a 1968, New Orleans-inspired city called New Bordeaux. This provides a brand new playground for players, as they form up with underbosses to take down the Mafia.

Hangar 13, the developers of Mafia III, have tried to make the game as historically accurate as possible. Along the way you’ll see New Bordeaux’s vibrant night life, festivals, and a veritable melting pot of cultures with French, Irish, Haitian, African and American cultures all represented. The world of New Bordeaux is made up of ten different districts, which all together are quite a bit larger than that of the first Mafia game or Mafia II. Of course, for the game to truly be historically accurate, there’s some tough topics for Hangar 13 to tackle. Mafia III’s opening message notes that the title doesn’t plan on holding back on discussing topics like racism and discrimination.

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