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What’s New in Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Heroic Raid


What’s New in Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Heroic Raid

Destiny: Rise of Iron finally received the Heroic version (hard mode) of its Wrath of the Machine raid. As was the case in previous raids, this means enemies are a lot tougher and you won’t be able to revive fallen allies in darkness zones. However, there are some new mechanics thrown into the mix as well to add yet another layer of challenge to the overall experience. Thankfully, there aren’t too many, but we’ll list them out for you so you can go in prepared, starting with the first Vosik Encounter.

Vosik Outside

This is the part of Wrath of the Machine that is changed the least. In fact, a powerful team won’t notice a change at all if they play it right. The only difference is the amount of damage that your enemies put out during the fight. It will also take a bit more damage to bring him down and open the gate, but that’s highly dependent on your Light Level. Our team was all 380-385 and it felt about the same way Normal felt at 370, so it isn’t too bad. The real differences start when you get inside.

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