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Watch Dogs 2 Has Officially Gone Gold

watch dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 Has Officially Gone Gold

Ready to hack?

The second installment of the Watch Dogs franchise is weeks away from release and today, Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs 2 has officially gone gold. Check out their tweet down below:

Earlier this week, Watch Dogs 2 got a brand new trailer narrated by the protagonist, Marcus Holloway, that gave us a cool drone tour of areas from Oakland to the famous Silicon Valley. The sequel will have Marcus work with fellow DeadSec hackers–including Josh, Sitara, The Wrench, and T-Bone from the first game–to bring down San Francisco’s cTos operating system, here headed by antagonist Dusan Nemec.  Like the first game, he’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of his phone by the time the game ends.

Watch Dogs 2 is officially set to release on Nov. 15 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the PC version of the game has been delayed two weeks to the 29th.


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