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Watch a Beautiful Moment from Battlefield 1’s Campaign Playing as a Pigeon


Watch a Beautiful Moment from Battlefield 1’s Campaign Playing as a Pigeon

A higher view of a war-torn world.

Battlefield 1 is rapidly approaching alongside its competition in the first-person shooter world, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. And while all three games seem to be placing a big emphasis on their single-player components this time around, I’d bet only Battlefield 1 lets you appreciate the beauty and horror of messenger pigeons in World War I.

A new clip of the game’s singe-player campaign posted by Polygon depicts a team of Allied soldiers under siege in their tank by an Axis force. From contextual clues, there is panic and dispute among the team about whether or not to send word to headquarters to fire artillery support in their direction. In an intense moment with death eminent, one of the story’s player characters releases the pigeon right as the player takes control.

What follows is a really beautiful and horrid look at the cost of war on a landscape and a simple bird’s-eye view of it all. Judging by this sequence, DICE is really bringing it, cinematically speaking, with BF1.

Last month, DICE revealed the five different war stories that the campaign will focus on. These include a story of British dogfighting, Arab Tribes rebelling against the Ottoman Empire, an Italian conflict in the Appalachian mountains, and much more.


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