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The Division’s Game-Changing 1.4 Update Drops Next Week

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The Division’s Game-Changing 1.4 Update Drops Next Week

Get ready to come back, Agents.

Massive Entertainment, Tom Clancy’s The Division developer, has announced the release date for the 1.4 patch on the game’s official Twitch channel. The free update is expected to overhaul the loot system, enemy difficulty, weapon and gear stats, endgame rewards, and more.

The patch is scheduled to drop on Tuesday, October 25. The Division will be down for maintenance to roll out the patch from 4:30 am ET to 7:30 am ET. Massive Entertainment Community Developer Hamish Bode said the size of the update has not yet been finalized, but players can expect the size to be around 11 GB on PlayStation 4, 5 GB on Xbox One, and is unknown for the PC version at this time.

The list of changes in the upcoming update is really long and will continue to be tweaked thanks to community feedback from the game’s public test server introduced last month on PC. The biggest change is being able to manually set the difficulty of NPCs, affecting the quality of the loot dropped regardless of the mission. The difficulty of a mission determines how much loot is dropped.

The developer also teased the 1.5 update, which will also be free alongside the paid Survival downloadable content. The DLC expansion will have a one month exclusivity on Xbox One and PC.


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