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Touch Controllers For Oculus Rift Finally Get a Price and Release Date


Touch Controllers For Oculus Rift Finally Get a Price and Release Date

Oculus finally announces the price and release date for their Rift’s Touch controllers, seven months after release of the Rift.

At the Oculus Connect Keynote, the company announced that the Oculus Touch controllers will be releasing December 6 for $199. Touch will feature two controllers for each hand that make the virtual reality experience more immersive. VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken will be included in the $199 purchase, as well as a sensor bar for the controllers. Pre-orders become available October 10.

When the Oculus Rift was released in March, it included an Xbox One controller to make up for the lack of the Touch controllers. The Rift’s main competitor, the HTC Vive released with full room-scale VR that made the Rift seem like the underdog to some consumers. While the Touch controllers do not automatically turn the Rift into a room-scale device, a $79 sensor was also announced at the Oculus Connect Keynote that helps the device become room-scaling.

The Touch controllers make the whole Virtual Reality world seem a lot more like, well, reality. The most consumer friendly comparison that can be made is the one between the Touch controllers and the controllers for the PlayStation Move. Two hands are utilized as the player’s whole body becomes useful in the Oculus world.

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This post was originally written by Levi Blank.

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