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Top 10 Scariest Games to Play on Xbox One, Ranked


Top 10 Scariest Games to Play on Xbox One, Ranked

Can you handle the scares?

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10. State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition


Challenging you to explore a large city in search of supplies, finding a safe place to build a base, and making friends with other survivors, State of Decay brings that feeling of loneliness that could only come with living during a zombie apocalypse.

While this isn’t a game that necessarily tries to outright scare you, being surrounded while you’re out on your own scavenging for supplies will certainly have your heart beating a little faster than usual. If you’re a competent player, however, you’ll be able to take the necessary measure to avoid being eaten alive. If you’re looking for a zombie game not all about scaring your pants off, State of Decay is a good place to start.

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