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Top 5 Best Indie Games of September 2016


Top 5 Best Indie Games of September 2016

The best indie gems.

Event[0] (PC)

event 0, best, indies, september 2016

Event[0] is a game predominantly about developing and sustaining a relationship with the AI of your spaceship. You’re millions of miles away from Earth, and to get home you’ll need to befriend the lonely AI, explore the spaceship, and solve hacking puzzles. This AI, named Kaizen, is capable of procedurally generating over two million lines of dialog, and can react to situations differently depending on its mood.

Kaizen is witty, funny, angry, and fully aware of itself and the situation you’re in. If you’re looking for an experience that offers something a little different from the usual releases, Event[0] may be what you’re after. Throw yourself into building a functional, friendly relationship with Kaizen, and Event[0] will reward you with an engrossing, albeit short space adventure. You can check out our full review of Event[0] here.

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