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Titanfall 2’s Titans Got the LEGO Treatment, and They’re Great


Titanfall 2’s Titans Got the LEGO Treatment, and They’re Great

Stand by for Brickfall.

Titanfall 2 has only been out for a couple of days, but that hasn’t stopped a fan from making Lego versions of the titular Titans. Marius Herrmann loves both properties and decided to mix them together. To that end, he used bricks to create three of the six robots in the game: the Ronin, Ion, and Northstar. To Herrmann, Northstar is “the most unique looking,” though he did also express that its eye was the most difficult part to create. The work and attention to detail definitely shows across all the ones presented thus far. The other three robots for the game, Tone, Legion and Scorcher, haven’t been built by Herrmann yet.



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Titanfall 2 isn’t the only game to have gotten the LEGO treatment this month. Last week saw Mass Effect’s SR-1 Normandy get created with bricks, and it’s just as awesome. If you want to hear our thoughts on the robotic shooter, here’s our review. For more of Marius’ creations beyond the Titans, here’s his Flickr.

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