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Titanfall 2: How to Use Boosts and What They Are


Titanfall 2: How to Use Boosts and What They Are

How to Use Boosts – Titanfall 2

Just because you don’t have a Titan at your disposal doesn’t mean that your Pilot can’t get any more powerful. That’s where boosts come in.

Boosts are essentially modifiers that will grant your Pilot some form of buff, but for a cost. Essentially, you’ll have a meter that fills during each of your lives in a match. Each Boost will require a different amount of the gauge to be filled before you can use it which largely comes down to how effective or powerful it is.

Once you’ve filled the gauge enough, you’ll be notified that your selected Boost is ready to be activated. All you have to do then is press left on the d-pad and your Boost will be activated.

Here’s a complete list of all Boosts in Titanfall 2 below. It’s worth noting that you will need to unlock some of these before you can equip them to a Pilot loadout.

  • Amped Weapons – Supercharge your primary and secondary weapons. Cost: 80%.
  • Ticks – Independent explosive drones. Cost: 65%
  • Smart Pistol – Replaces your secondary when being used. Ammo reduced to 2 x 12. Directional locking, instakill in most cases. Cost: 60%
  • Map Hack – Reveal enemies to your entire team. Enemies glow red through walls. Cost: 70%
  • Pilot Sentries – Anti-personnel turret. Cost: 72%
  • Battery Back-up – Gives you a free battery. Cost: 80%
  • Radar Jammer – Scrambles Enemy Radar. Cost: 40%
  • Titan Sentry – Anti-Titan turret. 1 minute lifetime. Cost: 35%
  • Phase Rewind – Phase Shift to a location visited shortly before activating Phase Shift. Cost: 25%
  • Hard Cover – Places a 1-way particle shield. (Does not amp weapons) Cost: 20%
  • Holo Pilot – Sends out 3 holo pilots in 3 different directions. Cost: 40%
  • Dice Roll – A random boost is chosen on activation. Cost: 36%

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Titanfall 2 wiki guide.

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