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Titanfall 2: All Titan Classes and Their Abilities


Titanfall 2: All Titan Classes and Their Abilities

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Tone is equipped with the 40mm Tracker Cannon from the original Titanfall. It’s a semi-automatic rifle that packs an additional punch with explosive rounds. If you’re looking to stay mid-range and deal out the damage, Tone is one of the best Titan classes for you.

This Titan class has the following abilities.

Ordnance: Tracker Rockets – Fires missiles at fully-locked enemies. (Full lock-on required to use)

Tactical: Sonar – Reveals enemies in an area and establishes partial lock.

Defensive: Particle Wall – Places a defensive barrier in front of Tone that it can shoot through.

Core: Salvo Core – Unleashes a barrage of rockets that can be guided in flight. They’ll prioritize any locked target Tone looks at.

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