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3 Things We Learned from the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo


3 Things We Learned from the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo

A few new Pokemon tidbits.

Team Skull Are… Odd

pokemon sun and moon, team skull

During the short Pokemon Sun and Moon demo that’s now available as a free download, we got to properly meet Team Skull. While we’d seen them in promotional images and been given a brief run down on them, we weren’t quite prepared for what we were greeted with.

Rather than the usual rude foes that we encounter in Pokemon games, these ones have an odd obsession with dancing movements and hand gestures. They also apparently consider themselves “well hard.” While it’s definitely refreshing to get something a little different from the standard evil crime gang of Pokemon games but with a different name, Team Skull are borderline cringeworthy. That’s the Grunts at least, Admin Plumeria seemed a little bit more serious. While they may not be quite so in your face throughout the entire game, that’s the impression we got during the time we spent facing off with them in the demo.

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