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The Tomorrow Children Goes Free-To-Play After Early Access Period Ends

The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children Goes Free-To-Play After Early Access Period Ends

Communism meets Minecraft.

The Tomorrow Children is now free-to-play after one month of early access, developer Q-Games announced. The PlayStation 4 exclusive originally launched on September 6 for $20, which included a “Founder’s Pack” and access to the game. The developer has stated in the past that The Tomorrow Children was always intended to be a free-to-play title.

The game will continue to sell an optional “Frontier’s Pack” for $20 and is similar to the Founder’s Pack, except without the Miner Gear costume and less in-game currency. The Frontier’s Pack contains Bourgeoisie papers, a Level 1 Arms License, a Level 1 Tools License, an EagleCorp Jetpack, three PlayStation Network avatars, 500 Freeman dollars, and an exclusive “Princess” costume for PlayStation Plus members.

Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert wrote on the PlayStation Blog that players can receive a bonus costume by logging in today, October 26, through November 2. In addition, Cuthbert announced a major update for the game was released. The update addresses some of the user feedback from the early access period and adds new content, such as new islands, missions, costumes, tools, void powers, facilities, and more. The megaphone, Cuthbert noted, allows players to communicate and cooperate better.

The Tomorrow Children is now available to download for all PS4 owners on the PlayStation Store.


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