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The Overwatch Theme Played with Kazoos Makes It Sound Like a 16-Bit Game

Overwatch soldier 76

The Overwatch Theme Played with Kazoos Makes It Sound Like a 16-Bit Game

Modern game, retro tunes.

The internet may not agree on a lot of things, but if there’s one thing that’s (apparently) agreed on, it’s that kazoos can be pretty damn funny. Some people use the tiny instruments for something other than quick laughs, which is what we’ve got with Tsuko G’s kazoo version of Overwatch music.

Tsuko uses kazoos to do versions of video game music, from the main theme of Skyrim to Darkman’s theme from Mega Man V. For Blizzard’s hero shooter, he played not only the main Overwatch theme that you hear in the menus, but also the iconic Victory theme best heard during the Play of the Game. It helps the song sound just a tad 8-bit, in addition to being catchy in its own right.

If you’re interested in hearing more of Tsuko’s stuff (he does take requests), here’s his YouTube page. He also does unboxing videos and some singing. Overall, it’s been a good week for Overwatch; in addition to this, it turns out your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man likes the team shooter as well, and it has the possibility (currently slim) of becoming a Netflix series. Not to mention the kid who turned his mother into Widowmaker and the success of their Halloween event, and things are coming up Milhouse for Blizzard and company.

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