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The Last Guardian Vinyl Release Announced, New Trailer Goes Behind the Music


The Last Guardian Vinyl Release Announced, New Trailer Goes Behind the Music

A soundtrack to match the heart of the game.

The Last Guardian will finally be releasing this December, and the game’s soundtrack is getting some special attention to go along with it. In a new post and video on the PlayStation Blog, the game’s composer, Takeshi Furukawa detail his process with making the game’s music. Additonally, Sony has announced an exclusive vinyl release of The Last Guardians soundtrack, that comes with special packaging and art. The vinyl will launch sometime in December, with the exact pricing and date apparently coming later. However, iam8bit already has the vinyl up for pre-order, listing it at $35.

The Last Guardian

In the video Furukawa talks about the unique and magical experience that Fumito Ueda crafted with The Last Guardian, and how he wanted the music to match that.

“When I first started thinking and conceptualizing the score, the main thing was to try to isolate and minimize the amount of elements that are going into the score. For me, the compositional process was more like sculpting, trying to find the essence of the score.”

Furukawa worked in collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra, Trinity Boys Choir, and London Voices at Air Stuidos to record the game’s score with a 92-person orchestra. He describes this as giving the music an organic feeling, that you just couldn’t get with an electronic instrument. Take a look at the full video down below.

The game’s soundtrack will also be available with “The Last Guardian Composer’s Choice PS4 Music App,” available through the PlayStation Network at launch. It will also be coming to iTunes at a later date.

The Last Guardian launches on December 6, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. We recently found out that the game has in fact gone gold, meaning it’s completed and ready for release.



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