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Skyrim – How to Move Items and Bodies, and a Fun Telekinesis Trick


Skyrim – How to Move Items and Bodies, and a Fun Telekinesis Trick

How to Move Items and Bodies – Skyrim

While Skyrim is supposed to be about magical adventures, tense action, and slaying huge dragons, we all know the game is around 80% item management. Whether you’re trying to organize your virtual home or fill it with corpses (you do you), here’s how to move items and bodies in the game.

You actually don’t need to put items into your inventory to move them around. You can simply move items and bodies by holding the X button on PlayStation or A on Xbox (or E on PC). Holding this rather than pressing it once will allow you to lift an object, and then you’ll be able to move it around.

You should also know this quirky trick that kind of gives you telekinetic powers: if you have a follower with you, ask them to do something for you. You’ll enter a command mode, from which you can select an object in the distance. Hold down the X/A/E button on said distant object, and you’ll be able to move it around from where you stand. It’s an odd trick, but one that still exists, even in the remastered Skyrim: Special Edition. Use it to throw things near enemies, causing a distraction.

That’s all you need to know when it comes to moving stuff around. Have fun!

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