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Take-Two Registers Domain Name


Take-Two Registers Domain Name

Gather your posse.

Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, has registered the domain name You may be aware that Rockstar has been teasing what appears to be a new Red Dead game via social media over the past few days, but has yet to make an official announcement.

The most we’ve been given is a picture that shows seven figures stood in front of a setting sun. It seems obvious that this is a new Red Dead game but that’s all we know right now.


Some fans have speculated that the focus on a number of characters may indicate that this new Red Dead title will be an online focused game. This is made more plausible by the fact that Grand Theft Auto V’s online has been hugely popular and has been well supported by Rockstar.

It looks like there might be some truth to this theory as a Twitter user named Bill Wright has found that Take-Two has registered the domain name

It is possible that Take-Two has bought this domain name simply to keep someone else from doing so. It’s also possible that the new Red Dead will feature a single-player story but also have online. Until Rockstar officially announces the game we’re forced to speculate. Would you be interested in an online only Red Dead, or do you prefer the single-player side of Rockstar games?

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