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Discover What Happens to Mario After Death in This Hilarious Sketch Video

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Discover What Happens to Mario After Death in This Hilarious Sketch Video

Everything you thought you knew about Mario is a lie.

Death comes for us all, but it also arrives much more frequently for video game characters, including one of the most iconic of them all; Mario.

Have you ever wondered what happens to poor Mario every time we unfortunately send him to his doom with our poor hand-eye coordination skills? Well, it certainly isn’t pretty.

The gang over at Nukazooka (who you may remember from their brilliant “Fallout vs Skyrim” video) have finally addressed the issue, in this brilliantly dark sketch about Mario’s trip to the afterlife of his video game universe.

Just in time for Halloween, the spooky video details the Italian plumber’s dangerous encounters with a rotten mushroom, a zombie cannibal Luigi, and a Frankenstein’s monster of a Goomba.

Check out “Super Mario: Underworld” below.

We’re happy that Mario made it out of this particular situation in one piece, but how many more iterations must succumb to this punishment before we finally start getting good at those pesky speed-runs?

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