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Suda51’s The Silver Case Is Getting a PS4 Remaster

The Silver Case

Suda51’s The Silver Case Is Getting a PS4 Remaster

A rather obscure blast from the past.

The Silver Case, an early title from renowned developer Suda51, is getting a remasterfor the PS4.

In an entry on the PlayStation Blog, NIS America detailed the plans for the game. They are partnering with Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture to bring the game to new hardware. The game is a remaster of the PSOne original, which was only released in Japan. This will be the first time it will be released on console in North America and Europe. It will receive physical and digital versions upon release, giving fans of Suda51 another one of his games to display proudly on your shelf.

The game itself is a mix between a visual novel and an adventure game. Players join a special forces unit known only as ‘Republic’. A string of killings have occurred across the city, and only your team can figure out what is happening and who is behind it.

It’s always great to be able to play games that never made their way overseas in the 90s, but still have a place in gaming history. Suda51 has made a name for himself with No More Heroes, Killer 7, and Lollipop Chainsaw, so it’ll be interesting to see the roots of the eccentric creator.

The game came to PC earlier this month. Check out our review here. The Silver Case will release on PS4 in early 2017.


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