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Steam Runs Into Shortage of Game Keys for Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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Steam Runs Into Shortage of Game Keys for Splinter Cell: Blacklist

The platform is still selling the game regardless.

This weekend, Steam ran a sale for every Splinter Cell game in the franchise so far, including the most recent title; 2013’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which was discounted at 75% off.

It seems as though too many people picked up the game for publisher Ubisoft to keep up with, however, as many players are reporting that they have not received a game key to unlock and activate the title in their digital library.

Kotaku has reported and confirmed that this issue is genuine, whereby users can download the game, but will receive a pop-up that reads “Failed to connect to server” upon trying to launch the program.

Players have been complaining about this problem ever since the game went on sale last Friday, with reports across the Steam and Reddit communities all identifying the same issue.

Steam’s support page states that “if a game is a recent release, or was bought during a sale” then “we may run out of keys to provide for your purchase.” It then promises that customers “will be issued a key as soon as we have been given more by the game’s publisher,” but the company are still content with selling a game that, technically, cannot yet be played.

The Steam sale for Splinter Cell games is set to end today, at 10am PST.



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