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Spider-Man Proves He Loves Overwatch Too in Latest Comic

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Spider-Man Proves He Loves Overwatch Too in Latest Comic

Spidey Skin for Roadhog?

Everybody’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man loves Overwatch just as much as the rest of us. Who knew?

Yep, in the latest issue of Marvel’s comic series Spider-Man/Deadpool, a small scene involving the famous duo had Spidey upside down playing some of Blizzard’s latest title.


Peter is slacking on the job and it takes Deadpool to remind him he needs to get back to the superhero game rather than trying to get sick headshots with Hanzo. Spidey even references the ‘GG EZ’ filter saying that he removed it so he could serve ‘Swagman3600’ a ‘main course of pwnage’. If you didn’t hear, Blizzard imposed a system to stop people typing it. In-game, it will change your derogatory call out to something more lighthearted, like ‘Huzzah Comrades!’

Even superheroes need their down time I guess?  This is another Overwatch reference from Marvel following last weeks episode of Agents Of Shield, in which a bomb expert kept quoting Junkrat. Collaboration incoming? I doubt it., but it’s awesome to see a huge entity like Marvel professing their love for video games.


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