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Skyrim: Special Edition – How to Get Mods on PS4 and Xbox One


Skyrim: Special Edition – How to Get Mods on PS4 and Xbox One

How to Get Mods – Skyrim: Special Edition

With Skyrim: Special Edition, mods are finally hitting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With so many options on the table, here’s how to get mods on both consoles.

First up, you’re going to need to have a functioning Bethesda account. Head over to the sign up page on their website to register one if you don’t have an account already.

Next, boot up your Skyrim game, and get to the main menu. From here, you can select “Mods” and will be met with a prompt for your username and password. Go ahead and log in, and you’ll be able to browse through the available mod options.

Select a mod and you’ll see a nifty Download option. The mod will then be added to your Load Order, a menu from which you can disable, enable, delete, or reorder the mods you download.

Each time you make a change to your Load Order, the game will reconfigure your save files. This is because adding mods creates alternate files, marked with [M], that will stay separate from those of your original, unmodded character file. Should you want to return to the unmodded, trophy-enabled world of your original save, simply load up the old file.

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