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Skyrim: How to Dual Wield Weapons or Spells


Skyrim: How to Dual Wield Weapons or Spells

How to Dual Wield Weapons or Spells – Skyrim

One of the first things you’ll do in Skyrim, aside from almost getting killed, will be to equip a weapon. The second thing you’re likely to do is wonder how you can get another and start being a dual wielding badass. Luckily for you, it’s not difficult to use both of your hands. Here’s how to dual wield either weapons or spells.

First, head to your in-game menu by pressing Circle on the PlayStation or B on the Xbox. From here, either head left for Magic or right for items. If you’re looking to dual wield magic, head into the left menu, and hover over your first desired spell. Depending on whether you’re playing the original Skyrim or Skyrim: Special Edition, the button will be one of the left or right triggers. Hit the proper left trigger to assign the spell to the left hand, and the right trigger to assign it to the right hand. You can assign different spells to each hand, or the same spell to both, allowing you to cast it even more powerfully.

If weapons are more your thing, head right into your items menu, then down to Weapons. Again, hit the right trigger to assign to the right hand, and the left trigger for the left hand. You will have to be selecting a one-handed weapon, like a dagger, to do this.

Once your spell or weapon is equipped, press the assigned trigger out of the menu to use it.

This all in mind, you’ll be dual-wielding like a pro in no time.

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