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Skylanders Imaginators Review

Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators Review

Everybody can be a creator.

Skylanders Imaginators on PS4

Skylanders are back in this brand new adventure where they’ll be both sky and land mammals in an effort to save the world from something. Look, the games have never really been pinnacles of storytelling, and Skylanders Imaginators is no different, but it’s a mighty fine time anyway.

If you’re new to this sweeping sensation that had parents’ wallets crying, you’ll be platforming around with a character that you’ve placed on a light up pedestal. It’s reminiscent of retro collect-a-thons, which is a nice thought that kids these days can still get that experience on consoles. You’ll use powers based on the class of the character you use, and you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of these heroes. The twist this time around is that you’re actually able to create your own Skylander using type specific creation figures that you can buy or get with the starter pack.

You’ll have to buy whatever type you want to make your Skylander, so they’ll still make lots of money out of you, don’t worry. But the variety and amount of customization options is commendable. Additionally, the added incentive of continuing to play to unlock more and more options is always good. Keeps a player going, you know? But to start, you can choose anything from their class (which there are plenty to suit your play style), to the head they’ll use, to the armor they’ll wear, to the powers they’re given. And the catchphrase combinations you can make up are the best part. My Fire Knight Skylander would always scream out, “I live for pizza” whenever she completed an objective.

Skylanders Imaginators

But that’s about all that’s new for this series. If you or a kid in your life have just been looking for new adventures to take on with this lovable cast of cartoons (which the voice acting, graphics, and light-hearted comedy deserves praise), you’re set. It even has the added incentive of creating your own Skylander, which is always wonderful to let children become imaginative and give them a platform to get creative. But if you haven’t been a fan before, you won’t be a fan now. There’s not enough new to call this a revamp to the formula; it’s just the same, solid game that it’s always been, returning with the same things you loved or issues you may have felt.

Faults like the jumping still feeling too much as though you’re in a weird gravity and the fact that you need to buy extra Skylanders to see everything in the game might deter you. But it’s important to note that you don’t need extra Skylanders. You can get by with just your starter pack, and still see plenty in this cute adventure that brings back all of the wonder and wacky fun from the previous games, except with the addition of your own, personal Skylander.

Score: 4/5 – Great


  • Constant sense of fulfillment.
  • Fun, wacky story and writing
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Being able to create your own Skylander is a big plus

Editor's Choice smallest


  • Sluggish jumping.
  • Pay wall for other Skylander types.

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