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Skylanders: Academy May Pave the Way for Overwatch, Starcraft TV Shows


Skylanders: Academy May Pave the Way for Overwatch, Starcraft TV Shows

Your favorite game just might be your next favorite show.

Skylanders: Academy has been quite the success story on Netflix and it turns out that it has drastically increased our chances of seeing StarCraft or Overwatch shows in the future.

In recent years it seems like Hollywood has finally realized what gamers have known all along—good games tell great stories.

After seeing the success of the Skylanders-based show on Netflix, Activision Blizzard executives are hoping to see the same results with other titles like Overwatch and StarCraft in the future.

Activision Blizzard Studio’s Co-President, Stacey Sher, recently talked to Newsbeat about how much life film and television can breathe into video games.

For Activision Blizzard, it’s an idea that’s particularly true because nobody seems to create a cult-like following for their games like they do.

Sher didn’t confirm that Overwatch or StarCraft would be getting television or film adaptations but she made it clear it’s a strong possibility. Activision Blizzard has been rather successful with crossing mediums and with a variety of games with intriguing stories and complex characters, the gaming giant is sitting on a goldmine of content.

For now, however, she says the Activision Blizzard team wants to move forward carefully.

“We’re going to do more but we’re going to move very carefully and thoughtfully,” Sher said. “We’ve already announced that we’re going to do Call of Duty as a big feature film and that’s an example of matching the game to the medium.”

Sher said that the key to the formula is picking the right medium for each game, which means Overwatch might just see a continuation of the animated shorts and comics rather than a major adaptation for the big screen or for streaming services.

“We’re going to pick the best medium [for each title] be it film, TV or shorts—the one that best serves each franchise individually,” she explained.

Fans of Overwatch and StarCraft have always discussed their desire to see even more content based on the popular games and this just proves Activision Blizzard is paying attention.

“The fans love these characters and want to engage more fully with them, they want to go beyond the storytelling capabilities of gaming,” Sher added.

But creating a game that can garner so much adoration from fans is the real challenge and it’s also exactly why Activision Blizzard Studios Co-President Nick Van Dyke isn’t worried about the competition.

“Franchises don’t grow on trees,” he told Newsbeat. “We don’t worry about competition because we know the franchises are so beloved that if we do a proper service to our fans, make the best content we can, then they’ll be successful. It’s a lot easier when you’re starting with something that has a following of tens of millions of people.”

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