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Resident Evil – How to Make the V-Jolt Solution and Use It


Resident Evil – How to Make the V-Jolt Solution and Use It

A simple solution.

V-Jolt Solution – Resident Evil

There are certain sections of Resident Evil that can be resolved with brains over brawn. One example of this is creating the V-Jolt solution to take down Plant 42. Both Chris and Jill have different methods of taking the nuisance boss down, and this method in particular is the most effective for saving health and hassle. Be aware that if you plan to defeat the plant this way, you will need four free inventory slots.

As Jill, head past the Residence save room to the room at the end of the hall. Here, Jill can light three lamps that light up green, red and orange. Each lamp will reveal a symbol, so be sure to make a note of each one for later. Head over to the pool table and make a note of the numbers on the green, red and orange balls. In a large room around the center of the residence area, there will be a door inside with a keypad. Match the symbols you found before to the numbers on the corresponding balls and the door will open. Once inside, collect all the empty containers, and there will be chemicals around the room which you will need to combine. This is where it gets a bit tricky, but the basic idea is to combine the solutions to reach UMB-20, also know as V-Jolt.

Here are the steps to making the V-Jolt solution:

  1. Fill the first bottle with water (which represents 1), then the second with UMB-3.
  2. Combine the water with UMB-3 to give you NP-004.
  3. Add Yellow-6 to a bottle and combine with the NP-004 to make UMB-10.
  4. Add Yellow-6 to another bottle, and combine it with a water bottle to make UMB-7.
  5. Combine the UMB-10 and UMB-7 to make VP-017
  6. Finally, fill another bottle with UMB-3 and combine it with VP-017 to make V-Jolt.

Once you have the V-Jolt, head back to the catwalk where the sharks were earlier. There will be a room with a small part of the plant in it, use the V-Jolt solution on the plant. Go around to Plant 42’s lair and after a brief cut scene the plant will wither away and die.

As for Chris, the solution is similar, but you won’t be able to make the solution playing as himself. Instead, once the plant picks Chris up, you will gain control of Rebecca. From there, repeat the same steps as above to make V-Jolt and use it on the roots.

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