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Resident Evil – How to Obtain the Shotgun as Chris or Jill


Resident Evil – How to Obtain the Shotgun as Chris or Jill

Click click boom!

It wouldn’t be a zombie horror experience without a fistful of boomstick, and Resident Evil is no exception to the rule. How you acquire the shotgun depends on which character you choose, as both characters have different methods of getting their hands on it.

Playing as Chris, head to the west side of the mansion. Next to the medical storage room is a small storeroom where you can pick up a broken shotgun. Collect it, then from there head to the opposite side of the mansion to the drawing room. The shotgun will be located on the far wall on a set of hooks, which will trigger a trap in the room when removed. Before you are crushed to death, simply replace the shotgun with the broken shotgun on the wall and the trap will cease.

Jill’s method is simpler, provided you haven’t encountered Barry in the main hall yet. If you haven’t, head to the same trap room and take the shotgun on the wall. Before the trap kills Jill, Barry will turn up to save the day. If you have already encountered Barry at this point however, you will need to use the same broken shotgun method as Chris does.

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