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5 PSVR Launch Games That Just Don’t Work Well


5 PSVR Launch Games That Just Don’t Work Well

Better off avoiding these.

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PSVR Worlds’ Luge


Though it’s not a full-fledged game in its own right, you’re still not going to want to waste too much time with PSVR Worlds’ Luge game. While the premise itself is quite fun, the experience as a whole suffers from very iffy head tracking and dire visuals that make it near-impossible to know where you’re going when it all gets a little hectic.

As you begin to gain speed on your descent, you start to get a visual blur which is all well and good. However, the combination of visual blur with for some reason sub-par visuals make the whole thing an incredibly nauseating experience. I also found that at times the head tracking couldn’t keep up with my movements and wasn’t accurate enough for me to nip between oncoming traffic. It’s good, if you can handle the visual mess and sub-par controls.

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