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The PlayStation Network Is down for Users Across the World [UPDATE]

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The PlayStation Network Is down for Users Across the World [UPDATE]

Sony’s looking into it.

Update: It appears the service is back up and running for most folks. The PlayStation Network service status site reports that everything is back to normal.

Original Story:

PlayStation gamers will be disappointed to learn that the PlayStation Network appears to be down for gamers across the globe. The service has been down for over two hours now. Some maintenance was done by Sony this morning but this outage was not expected. Sony has confirmed it’s looking into it.

It could be due to any number of reasons but players will no doubt be hoping that the PlayStation Network has not been hacked. There’s no reason to believe this is the case but the network has been hacked before. A hack in 2014 resulted in a large number of players having their private information compromised.

Players are easily frustrated when issues arise with PSN, mostly due to the number of issues that have occurred and the fact it costs to have a subscription. One would think Sony’s top priority would be to sure up the system.

A few people on Reddit are reporting PSN is back up for them but the majority still seem to be having problems. We can conform it’s currently down in the UK.

Here’s hoping things return to normal soon.

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