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Nintendo Says Miyamoto’s Project Giant Robot Still Going to See Release


Nintendo Says Miyamoto’s Project Giant Robot Still Going to See Release

Forgotten but not gone.

Nintendo apparently still intends to release the mysterious Shigeru Miyamoto title Project Giant Robot.

This information came by way of a list titled “Launch Schedule of Primary Nintendo Products”, which was released alongside financial reports today. The list claims that the project is still set to release in all major regions, but that the current name is just a placeholder title. No console is given either. Given the recent reveal of the Nintendo Switch, the release of a potentially new IP on the Wii U seems unlikely.

Project Giant Robot

The title was revealed at E3 2014 alongside Project Guard as prototype ideas for the Wii U. The latter eventually evolved to become Star Fox Guard, a tower defense title set in the Star Fox Universe. But we haven’t heard any new details regarding Project Giant Robot. We got our hands on it at E3 2014 and thought it had a lot of promise, showcasing Nintendo’s unique brand of humor.

When it was last seen, gameplay focused on building and robot and then leading it into battle. The controls were mainly focused on the touchscreen and the gamepad’s built-in motion controls. Perhaps the concept is being adapted and moved to Nintendo Switch. It was originally designed as a show of the Wii U’s capabilities, so maybe it will instead be used to show off what the new console/handheld hybrid can do.


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