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Pokemon Sun and Moon Ad Centers Around the Idea of Training


Pokemon Sun and Moon Ad Centers Around the Idea of Training

That’s adorable, but I’m still going to crush you.

Another Pokemon Sun and Moon advertisement was released and is centered around the idea of training your Pokemon. It’s a cute video, where some kids are trying to battle older and more experienced kids to hang out in a club house. Of course that doesn’t work out, so the younger kids have to get better.

This includes battling with friends, getting higher leveled Pokemon and trading with other people. This also gives fans a chance to look at some the design aspects for battling and trading, such as the way the Poke Balls lights up and travels from person to another. The video also gives fans a chance to see different Z-Moves they might not have seen before. Also according to this video, players will be able to drastically design their character.

There are several older people in the video, a theme that has been popping up a lot as Pokemon has been celebrating its anniversary. We see this the first time when Sun and Moon was announced, where older fans and even handheld consoles from the past are showcased.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release date is just around the corner as it will come out Nov. 18 for the 3DS.


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