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Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Trial Captains and Their Challenges


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Trial Captains and Their Challenges

Trial Captains – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon adds new challenges on top of Gyms in the form of Island Challenge Trials. There is a trial on each island, and you’ll be tasked with different objectives that serve to prove your skills as a Pokemon Master. Each island also has a Trial Captain that gives you these challenges.

The captains are:

  • Ilima – This is a Normal-type expert who graduate from Trainer’s School and is a hero to the students.
  • Lana – This is a Water-type expert who is young but dedicated to her family and life as a Pokemon Trainer.
  • Mallow – She’s a Grass-type expert who loves cooking.
  • Sophocles – An Electric master who loves mechanics.
  • Kiawe – This captain is an expert in Fire-type Pokemon which you can probably gather from his appearance.
  • The Professor – In the demo, the Professor acts as a captain as well to give you a taste of what to expect.

Once you complete a trial, you’ll have to fight something called a Totem Pokemon. These are more powerful versions of normal Pokemon you can come across, only they charge themselves up and can call out allies to help them. After that you face the island’s Kahuna, and you can move on.

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