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This Pokemon Card Could Sell For $50,000 at an Upcoming Auction

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This Pokemon Card Could Sell For $50,000 at an Upcoming Auction

Catching this one will be very expensive.

An extremely rare Pokemon card is going up for auction next month, and this one could sell for as high as $50,000, according to bidding site Heritage Auctions. The card is a 1998 Pikachu Illustrator promo hologram card, available in mint condition and featuring artwork by Atsuko Nishida. What makes this one so rare is that only 39 of these are believed to exist, as they were awarded only to first and second place winners of illustration contests held by CoroCoro magazine.

Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator Card

Needless to say, as the card that holds the record for the highest sales price of any Pokemon card, it’s got a lot of counterfeits. This specific one on sale is one of 10 certified copies, which makes it the real deal—and very valuable to boot.

If the auction interests you, you might want to check out the official Heritage Auctions page here. The auction will be held from Nov. 17 to 19.


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