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PlayStation VR: How to Know When You Get a Trophy


PlayStation VR: How to Know When You Get a Trophy

Trophies – PlayStation VR

With PSVR finally out and in stores waiting for you to pick it up, players have a vast array of titles to try out and immerse themselves in as part of the headset’s launch lineup. Just like normal PS4 games, PlayStation VR titles come with a trophy list for you to add to your collection as you complete specific challenges and make your way through the game.

While your standard PS4 games like Fallout 4, or Madden will notify you visibly that you’ve unlocked a trophy, this isn’t the case when it comes to PSVR experiences. Instead, when you’re playing whatever PSVR-compatible game it is, you’ll instead just hear the noise that sounds when you pop a trophy, but no visual notification.

This is because having something pop up in the middle of your PlayStation VR experience would more than likely be pretty disorienting and pull yourself out of the immersive experience that you’re enjoying. There’s no need to worry, trophy hunters, your games and PS4 aren’t glitching out, you just might not be hearing that beautiful sound.

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