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Paper Mario: Color Splash – How to Carry More Paint


Paper Mario: Color Splash – How to Carry More Paint

All the paint in the world.

How to Carry More Paint – paper mario: color splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash is all about paint, and as such you’ll need a lot of it to repaint the color-lacking world. Mario’s hammer can already hold quite a bit of paint, coming in red, blue and yellow colors. However, it’s quite easy to increase the paint size that Mario can hold, letting you go longer without restocking.

What you’ll need to do is beat enemies in battle, and after that they’ll drop little hammer fragments. Picking up these hammer fragments will slowly fill a gauge at the top left of your screen, and once full your paint stock will be increased by 20. Almost every time you fight an enemy, they’ll drop at least one hammer fragment, with bigger and stronger enemies dropping more. So get out there and fight as many enemies as you can.

Make sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite for more tips and tricks with Paper Mario: Color Splash.

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