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Paper Mario: Color Splash – How to Get More Battle Cards


Paper Mario: Color Splash – How to Get More Battle Cards

Shuffle the deck.

How to get more battle cards – Paper mario: color splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash changes things up with its battle system a bit, stripping away some of the RPG elements for a new card-based system. Battle still retains all of the timing based elements, but now you’ll select from a wide array of battle cards, with everything from jumping on enemies to POW blocks.

Now of course, as soon as you use a battle card it disappears, so you’re going to need a constant stock to keep yourself going in battle. There are a couple different options for re-stocking your cards. The easiest way is of course just getting them in passing, with enemies dropping battle cards for you to pick up after you beat them. As you explore the world as well, many of the white spots that need to be painted will yield a battle card and a couple coins.

There’s also an easy way to stock up on cards in the starting area, Prisma Port. Once you complete the first level you’ll unlock the card shop, on the second screen left after entering the area. Here you can spend all those hard earned coins to load up your card inventory. Keep in mind you can carry up to 99 cards at one time, so don’t worry about getting too many, as you’ll definitely be using them.

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