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Paper Mario: Color Splash – How Long It Is


Paper Mario: Color Splash – How Long It Is

Clear some time.

Time to Beat – Paper Mario: Color Splash

Like previous Paper Mario games, Color Splash is a bit of lengthy experience. The game sees Mario traveling with his new companion Huey across Prism Island in order to collect four Big Paint Stars and return color to the island. There’s a wealth of levels to explore, bosses to fight, and stars to collect.

On average, a single playthrough of Paper Mario: Color Splash should take about 28-30 hours, depending on the speed you play, and how much you want to explore the world. There’s a few Paint Stars that you can skip, and of course you don’t need to fill in every single spot that lacks color. If you do want to collect everything and do everything however, you’ll be looking at an additional 3-5 hours.

There you have it, make sure to clear a little bit of time in your schedule for Color Splash as you won’t be beating it in a single day or anything.

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