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Paper Mario: Color Splash – All Thing Card Locations Guide


Paper Mario: Color Splash – All Thing Card Locations Guide

Squeeze those Things for all the paint they’re worth.

All Thing Cards and Where to Find Them – Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash has a host of special cards for Mario to use both in battle and out. These “Thing” Cards, as they’re called, are obtained from squeezing the paint out of all those giant real-life looking items scattered around the world. You will need to use different Thing Cards to solve various puzzles throughout the story, but it’s also just fun to summon a giant break dancing piggybank in battle.

Keep in mind that after you find each Thing, you’ll be able to purchase them again from the shady salesman at the dock of Port Prisma. There are 27 Thing Cards in total, and here’s the location of each one.

Balloons- On the performance stage in Lilac Park.
Basin- On the fence at Cobalt Fort.
Battery- In the lower deck on the Elder Passage
Black Bowser’s Castle- You’ll receive this automatically after beating Bowser.
Bone- First found at the dig site in Marmalade Valley, then in a dressing room at Golden Coliseum.
Bottle Opener- Found at the camp in Golden Coliseum while searching for the Bone.
Cat-o-Luck- At the top of Crimson Tower, where you fight the boss.
Charcoal Grill- Found in Fortune Island.
Claw Hammer- Found in the green nuclear power plant.
Compass- Found on the lower deck of the Violet Passage.
Cork- Found inside the tube system of Vortex Island.
Disco Ball- Found behind the performance at The Emerald Circus.
Fan- Found on the right side of Cherry Lake.
Fire Extinguisher- Found on the cliff in Ruddy Road.
Hairdryer- Found near the bottom of Redpepper Crater.
Ice Pick- Found at the Camp in Golden Coliseum. Same place as Bottle Opener.
Instant Camera- At the Snifit Show in Cobalt Base .
Lemon- Found on a hill in the Indigo Underground.
Light Bulb- Found at the peak of the lighthouse on the island, on the very left of the world map.
Magnifying Glass- Found in the refrigerator of Tangerino Grill
Megaphone- Found in the storage space at Toad Trainworks.
Piggy Bank- Found in the backyard at Chateau Chanterelle
Plunger- Found in Port Prisma.
Salt and Pepper- Found in the Volcano on Fortune Island.
Teapot- Found in the fountain of Plum Park.
Turnip- Found at the entrance of the Sacred Forest.
Washing Machine- Found in the reverse world of Vortex Island.


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